guys & gals,

no this is not clickbait and no this is not a joke. we (my family and i) are leaving north america in an airplane to live our life abroad. we are going to live wherever life takes us and that is super exciting. it is also super, incredibly intimidating and it has the possibility of being scary, but what is life without chances, right?

sunday was my last day working as a stylist/associate at j. crew and i thoroughly enjoyed my time there. out of all the jobs i’ve had the opportunity to work at, this was by far my favorite. my managers and co-workers created a healthy, competitive, and fun environment for all the employees. although there were good days and bad days, the good definitely outweighed the bad. i am forever grateful to have been a part of that wonderful work family.

if you have listened to my family’s podcast, another one (which you should have) you would have heard this news. i, personally, do not like posting my moves on the internet but this is a major life change for me. i have never been out of the country, let alone off the east coast.

my family and i have had this planned for some time now and we’re finally executing. so everything we have is for sale… you need a car? a tv? a couch set?

i’m off of this continent august 8th and i am excited, as well as terrified. there are so many thoughts going on in my head, but that is for an entirely different post.

i just wanted to update you on my life and where i am going from here. do not worry i am going to document it all and share it with you guys. i have so many things in store for the people who are subscribed to my website, you have no idea.

so, if you have any questions you want me to answer about living abroad or just about what i’m going to be up to next, leave them below. i want my content to be exactly what you want to hear read from me.

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