well, look who has risen from the shadows with a new blog post. i’m not even going to explain myself i’m just going to jump right in.

it seems as if a lot of people have trouble doing what’s best for them — i, too, struggle with this. for me, i take into account all the things i consider important to me: my living situation, my family, my friends, my transportation, MY MONEY! my decisions are based on ALL of these things whether they are minor or MAJOR life decisions.

as of recent, i’ve been making some pretty big decisions (at least they are at this point in my life) and i want to share how you, too, can make the best decision for yourself.

does it benefit you?

if there is not a direct correlation to if it benefits you then why are you doing it? obviously, take this with a grain of salt because college does not directly benefit you immediately, it benefits you in the long run.. with a degree! but with that being said, is it really benefiting you to attend a college that you probably will never be able to afford (now or in the long run with paying back loans)?

knowing what you are to gain from a decision that you have to make is a MAJOR KEY because if you are not going to gain something from it — whether it is experiences, money, wisdom, or knowledge — then it is probably pointless to do.

my mom and dad both have told me to make a pros and cons list. this is so you can physically see the good and bad things of this next opportunity you’re heading for. this helps immensely to see what you’re about to head into.

don’t worry about anything else

here is where i really drop the ball. i am always worrying about every single detail (which can be a good and bad thing). i always make sure everything is as seamless as possible.

not only do i worry about every little thing, but i worry about people, and yes i know you shouldn’t care about what anyone has to say; however, it’s our human nature to think about people and what they think. i always wonder what my friends would think or how my family would feel about something…

For example: if your employer schedules you to work the closing shift every night and you’re taking 18 credits worth of classes then asks you to open up your schedule to be available to work more shifts, this is when you would have to make a decision for YOURSELF.

are you gonna focus on school and ask for her not to schedule you as often because you never have time for homework? or are you gonna spread yourself super thin?

you have to do what you believe is best for you at this moment in your life. sometimes you’ll have to back away from things and sometimes you’ll have to step up to the plate, but you can’t let the opinion of others and your own fears hold you back from doing what YOU have to do to take YOUR life to the next level.

it’s okay to be a little selfish, occasionally.

take a chance

sometimes when you take a chance you find some of the best treasures. when you do something that you have never done before you get things you have never gotten. sometimes we have to be pushed outside of our comfort zone (myself included). so take that new job, go to the different school, date that new person who’s not “normally” who you’d go for… sometimes the chance is a blessing in disguise.

how do you make your life decisions? what is your process? leave a comment below!