y’know, i was just chilling surfing the web and then i get a message asking me to check out a song about black women… and me being a black woman i was all for it, like send me the link, let’s get this poppin. and a few minutes later i get a link to a post where i was entranced by this song that completely complimented black women. this song was something that is VERY much needed right now with the insane world that we are living in where black lives are not seeming to matter to those who aren’t black. it’s a nice reminder that we are worthy and beautiful when our society tries to tell us differently. some of my favorite lyrics from the song is:


“she’s made of stars and space” / “i can tell you why they reaching… you look good as mango in your gold sundress” / “you some fine art” / “makes the world go round”

and that’s just some of my favorite lines. this is definitely a song that i’ll play when i get ready in the morning. or when i need an extra boost throughout the day, or even before getting ready to go out with your girls. it’s honestly one of my favorites right now. it gives out such good energy you can help but feel magical while listening to it.

check out ‘her aura loud‘ by visionnaire.

here’s a free download

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do you like this song? will this be put in your daily playlist? let me know below!