“keeping it real” // the rant…

if you follow me on twitter then you know that i had a little mini rant about “keeping it real.” so, i decided now at 1:38AM on Tuesday, December 8th,

Creed Soundtrack

alrightttt, i’ve found all the slaps. seriously this soundtrack is so good and i haven’t even seen the movie yet. i’m in love!

now, i’m not

Outfit of the Day

you all know grey is one of my favorite colors, and so is black. this outfit i hashed up is one of my new favorites and probably one of my new

Exam Time

bum, bum, bum. it is officially exam time. *takes deep breath* it’s time to fallback from everything and everyone. (i’m side staring a lot of people right now, but you just


Tweet DISCLAIMER: DO NOT WEAR THIS ON THANKSGIVING, YOU WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE Yayy! Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year! Not just because we can stuff our faces with food and not regret it afterwards because everyone is doing it…. but, because we have so much to be thankful for I mean […]

How To Deal With Stress

school, life, job, or friends stressing you out? here’s a few tips on how to relax, relate, and release the stress.

everyone gets stressed. there is no way to avoid


Tweet This is all of the music I am absolutely in love with right now. I am actually pretty sure that my brother is super annoyed with me right now because I have been playing these songs/albums non-stop. So because you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing music I will tell you each song I […]


Tweet I absolutely love Zendaya. Just her personality in general and the way she carries herself is so sophisticated by itself but, when you add her style…. just wow. I personally have always loved the way she dressed but, she has grown into an amazingly beautiful person. So these are four of Zendaya’s looks that […]


Everyone is always looking for new music, so here I am. I consider myself a unofficial music connoisseur. I think I have immaculate taste in music and there is no debate


Tweet Hello again. So like I told you guys in my last post these next few posts will be about my minimalist lifestyle. Essentially I will be going through all the aspects of my life and telling you how I live them. It is a simple lifestyle so I just branded the name minimalist for […]

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