Tweet Hello again. So like I told you guys in my last post these next few posts will be about my minimalist lifestyle. Essentially I will be going through all the aspects of my life and telling you how I live them. It is a simple lifestyle so I just branded the name minimalist for […]


Can we just talk about how fall is quickly approaching? Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Why? Because you get to layer, wear boots, sweaters, and jackets. I also


Tweet Lemme just start by saying typing that you may get slightly confused while reading this but, just try to bear with me here because I want to make this as lucid as possible (shout out to my English teacher for teaching me new words, I’m actually learning!). So many people as me about my […]


Tweet O MY CHRIS BOSH. I have discovered an amazing food and I am absolutely positive you will love it as much as I do, maybe even more. Who knows? So like a bunch of months ago I was watching this YouTuber who claimed that Boom Chicka Pop was amazing and she loves every flavor […]


Tweet What’s up, y’all? How’s your day going? Good I hope mine has been… substantial, consisting of the basic things I do everyday, you know. Waking up, brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, going to school and finally making a blog post. I think one of the best parts of my day today was when I […]


Tweet Yo. Today I’m trying something slightly different and I think you guys’ll like it. The OOTD I will be showcasing today is not my own, I know crazy right. Today’s OOTD is from a friend I attend school with. Her name is Niyah and you can catch all her social media below the photos […]

Let’s Love

I know it is easy to make assumptions about others and their situations. We can easily stand back and say, “I woulda’ did this and I woulda’ handled things like that.” But the truth of the matter is you may not have. We all have a road that we must walk which leads us to […]

BE Fit

Fitness goes beyond the gym, to the kitchen, bathroom, and rests with your spiritual sanctuary. Therefore, the fitness journey must include your mind, body, and spirit. Let’s travel together as we endeavor to BE Fit from the inside out.

I equals we!

Here in the TeamBz house when we say I need to go somewhere it usually means we are all going … it seems as if we roll as one. If you see us we are normally together. It’s not that my kids are not old enough to stay home by themselves – it’s the fact […]