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surviving my mind

this post was originally going to be a cute little photo for instagram at two

worry bout yourself


please just worry about yourself.

i know a lot of

positive relationships

it is so important to have positive relationships. no matter what kind of relationships they

what is best for you?

well, look who has risen from the shadows with a new blog post. i’m not even going

Life Goes On


today, for the first time, i heard lil yachty’s ‘life goes on’ and i have never felt more inspired

beyonce & i have the same 24/7 hours


it’s been quite a while, i know this, but life’s been hectic and i just have to fill you in on

let me introduce myself


i want you guys to get a more in-depth analysis of me so here’s somethings you should know about

we’ve got the power


*clears throat* there is no way we can cover up or erase the past, but we can take back our future.

#TeamBz has something to say

on my family’s podcast ‘another one’ we have one thing to say about the recent events that have taken place… take a listen:

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