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we’ve got the power


*clears throat* there is no way we can cover up or erase the past, but we can take back our future.

#TeamBz has something to say

on my family’s podcast ‘another one’ we have one thing to say about the recent events that have taken place… take a listen:

her aura loud


y’know, i was just chilling surfing the web and then i get a message asking me to check out



everything does not always end nice and neat with a bow on top.



my life has been changing right before my eyes. it’s insane actually, but i like to keep my business to myself; however i’ll

love awakened


Throughout the recent weeks I’ve been scrolling through my social media and I’ve noticed a constant trend of people searching for love. People

For the Love of God… Let It Go.


I’m so tired of seeing so many people hurting, holding on to hurt, letting things control their lives and not leading them to

Feelin’ Good

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As of lately I’ve been feelin’ real good. How you

Chance is coloring the Summer!

I don’t know about you but I have always loved Chance The Rapper. I think since the beginning I have always been a fan of his, and if you don’t know

Dang Khaliyah… Back at it Again with the Blogging!

Hi there, long time no speak.

I bet you’re probably wondering where I have been and what I have been up to. Well chil’ren, I have been trying to make