The Exonerated Five

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***(Spoiler ALERT)*** This week we are talking about the movie When They See Us now on NETFLIX. This movie depicts the events leading up to and following the Exonerated Five (The Central Park Five) court, prison, and exoneration experience.

Research is Your Friend

Research is Your Friend

Researching is one of the simplest things we can do to contribute to success. Often times we want to do something and just jump only to be overwhelmed.

Business on the go

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We know family businesses need to have an aspect that some traditional businesses my not take into account when first starting, so we are giving you information this week to help you handle your business on the go!

Father / Business Owner

Guy sitting reading the Family Business section of the newspaper

This is a crazy duality. When you are leading a family and the same family works in the business, life can get complicated. How do you handle it? How do I handle it? Well, let’s see if we can break it down.

Where is Your Social Life?

What is a social life? What kind of life so you have to lead to have one? Is it required for maximum normalcy?

College or Business

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Did you go to college? Have you created a business? Do you want to go to college or would you rather start a business? Which should you do first? Let’s talk about it this week.

What if you started DREAMING BIG…

Richbz with two different versions of himself

When you were a young child you had no problem with dreaming big. As you get older your parents, friends, and teachers tell you to be realistic, you have this bill to take care of, you have this (insert issue here) you have to think about. All of that, though not said maliciously, starts to […]

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

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Hey everyone. Just coming on here very quickly to give you all a quick tutorial. Over the past couple or months I’ve been drinking coffee more than usual. So with that comes trying many different variations of sugar to milk to coffee ratios trying to make the best cup of that good ol’ joe.  I […]

Falling In Love With Podcasts and Why You Should Start Listening to Them

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i’m not quite sure if i was forced to falling in love with podcasts (through having my own called “another one“) or what, but podcasts are the new wave. honestly, if you’re totally into having conversations or listening to people’s opinions then this is for you.