Why You Should Always Look Your Best

Love Khaliyah

in the infinite amount of wisdom my dad is always willing to spill he’s always told me:

Personal and Business Balance

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When you have a hectic personal life, how can you run a booming business? The team has their take on how to make all this work for you personal and business success.

Your Vision Matters

If you were to ask me what is the biggest thing that makes an impact in a family business that can take your business from a family hobby to a respected family business is a “Clear Vision.”

Costa Rican Mall Review

City Mall in Coasta Rica

Hey everyone on this blog post we will be reading over a Costa Rican mall review while we were living in Costa Rica in August of 2017. Everyone grab your popcorn and let’s get started!

A family business is not for the weak

The whole teambz team looking strong

So you want to start a family business. Seems pretty easy right? Grab an idea that you think can make you money and just get your family to help. That’s what many people think, but have you heard the statistic that says:

How Do You Make Decisions In A Household Full of Adults?

It’s hard to make decisions when everyone wants a say, this is a little look into how we at TeamBz handle decision making.

Wanna Know Why? Here Goes…

Fruits and Veggies in Heart Shape

Here is a post I shared on my website, khadijahrbz.com, that shares a bit of our vegan journey. The original post is from 2016, so I have updated some of the information to be more current. I get asked some of the same questions by different people and thought it would be nice to share […]

The Missing Team Member

Empty Chair with Laptop Sitting on the Table

A football team has 11 players on the field at any given time. A basketball team has 5 players on the court. A relay team has 4 runners on the track. Currently TeamBz consists of 5 members, so what happens when a member on the team is not bringing their A game or they are […]

Pranked Girlfriend Gets Acne

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This week we have a serious conversation about a boyfriend who pranked his girlfriend and found out that he gave her “Narly” acne. We really felt some kind of way about this topic so we went in. You have to hear this and then jump in the comments and let us know your thoughts about […]

Why Did I Decide Not To Go To College Immediately Out Of High School?

I chose not to go to college yet. And I get many different responses to that statement. Will I even go at all?