Teambz being interviewed on the news


Surprise, TeamBz popped up on the news in North Carolina 12/11/2017 on WTVD ABC11. We are steadily climbing up to be number one but we need your votes and your support.  You can vote every 24 hours. Check out the full story on ABC11.  Thank you for all of your votes, support, apparel purchases, and YouTube channel subscriptions.  

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[Solved] The major challenge of growing your business while traveling abroad

Hey all this is going to be a really quick post. Just know I’m not going to give you a challenge without giving you a solution. Here we go.<!—more—> Challenge: Communication is the key, the glue, the agreement maker for two party to conduct and remain in business. But the real question is how you do that when you are traveling country to country and trying to keep your overhead as low as possible. Solution: Here are some of the tools that have help me to do this very thing. Unlocked iPhone, Talkatone, Google Voice and Hangouts, Facebook Messenger. Let me tell you how these go together. The most expensive part of this solution is my unlocked iPhone. Either you can buy one here or you can have your current phone unlocked here.   I needed an unlocked phone so

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